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Accidental B&M Shopping Haul 🛍️

Tuesday has been a successful day for me, shopping wise, after an accidental B&M haul.

As mentioned previously, I’m moving to Ireland in a few months and currently clearing out my flat. Today I headed to my local B&M to pick up some cleaning products. Needless to say, the shopaholic in me came out with so much more.

B&M Haul
Original Focus – Cleaning Products for the Flat

In fact, I bought more items for me than cleaning products. B&M has such a diverse range, I never end up coming out with ONLY what I went in to buy – whoops. Anyway! They’ve got some cute bits at the moment: check out a few of my buys!

Cute Buy #1 – Folding Box Storage Seat £4.99

I’m planning on getting rid of my old sofa ASAP, but also need as much storage as possible for the move. I love this storage seat. The top is padded so its comfortable for me to sit on at the coffee table, but also offers a great storage solution for my photos, keeping them all in one place!

B&M Haul
Pattern Storage Seat

Sturdy and a bargain at £4.99, I also adore the print. There were other types available but I love the softness of this pattern.

B&M Haul
Pattern Storage Seat
B&M Haul
Soft Grey Star Print on a Comfortable Padded Seat

Cute Buy #2 – Disney Princess Chip the Tea Cup Mug £3.99

I’ve been on the lookout recently for a Chip Tea Cup for my book shelf, so grabbed this off the hook when I saw it.

B&M Haul
Chip the Tea Cup Disney Princess Mug

It cost me £3.99 and whilst it can be used as a drinking cup, I’ll be using mine for decorative purposes only. Super cute, would make a nice gift.

B&M Haul
My Star Buy – £3.99

Cute Buy #3 – Unicorn Cupcake Scented Glitter Unicorn Candle £2.99

This candle smells delicious and comes in a beautiful glass case to boot! I can genuinely vouch for having smelt Unicorn Cupcakes, and the scent is B-E-A-utiful. Only £2.99 and with a double wick, I’m already burning mine and REALLY enjoying the cute smell.

B&M Haul
Unicorn Cupcake Scented Candle
B&M Haul
Super Cute Unicorn Candle

Cute Buy #4 – Positivity Car Air Fresheners £1.49

Bearing positive snippets such as, ‘YOLO’, ‘Believe, Dream, Shine’ and ‘Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go’ this six pack of car air fresheners will cheer up your day, or someone else’s if you feel like popping one in a card. Other ranges included love, unicorns and different positive phrases.

B&M Haul
Positive Car Air Fresheners

Cute Buy #5 – Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Tea Light 20 Pack £1.99

B&M Haul
Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Tea Lights

I can’t bear having unscented tea lights as I don’t see the point, and when I saw these and smelt the intense strawberry flavour I felt like my needs had finally been met. Super scented and only £1.99 per 20 lights, they’re a yummy addition to my living room.

I also picked up some beauty bits – a no frizz hair serum by Creightions, a steal at £1.00.

B&M Haul
Creightons Frizz Hair Serum

I also bought a bottle of Revlon Air Brush Effect Foundation. I normally buy Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation for £25.00, but as I’m trying to save money this month, I picked this up for £5.99. I’m impressed at how thick it comes out, its coverage and its blend-a-bility. Let’s see if it stands the test of time this evening!

B&M Haul
Revlon Airbrush Effect Foundation

Finally, I picked up another scented candle, this time black cherry, as it came in a gorgeous glass jar and cost only £1.49.

B&M Haul
Black Cherry Tropical Scented Candle

All in all, whilst I haven’t done much cleaning today, I bought some lovely bits.

A.C.G. x


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