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It’s happened. Love Island is officially over for a whole year. If you’re like me, you’re not sure whether to scream with delight at getting your evenings back, or to cry over the separation anxiety you’re now feeling at the loss of your extended family gracing your living room every night. Either way, there is plenty more TV out there to catch up on or look forward to in 2018. Here are some of my favourites and the best UK TV this year:

Derry Girls – Channel 4

Set in Northern Ireland in the 90’s during the troubles, Derry Girls follows a group of teenagers (and an English cousin), as they navigate life and grow up amongst the civil disruption and violence. Hilariously funny, but also poignantly moving, Derry Girls is a much watch comedy this year.

The Split – BBC 1

Following a family of female lawyers and one sister who decides to leave the family firm, The Split offers a delicious insight into the world of divorce lawyers, the battles the ladies face at work and in their personal lives. Gripping throughout and offering a world of dramatic watching.

Next of Kin – ITV

GP Mona, living her family life in the U.K. discovers her brother has been murdered whilst working abroad. Subsequently. she finds herself embroiled in a huge conspiracy surrounding his death. Another gripping drama worth a watch.

This Country – BBC 3

Now in its second series, This Country is still knocking it out the park with its comedic take on rural teenage life in England. Documenting the day-to-day nothingness that is the life of cousins Kerry and Kurtain, This Country has me in stitches with its awkward silences and true to life representations.

Love Island – ITV 2

Oh yes, if you haven’t watched it, catch up now. The ultimate in binge-watching, Love Island kept me hooked for another consecutive year. Full of drama, betrayal and downright sexiness, this year’s season is certainly worth a look.

A Very English Scandal – BBC 1

An interesting drama surrounding the relationship between 70’s MP Jeremy Thorpe and his scandalous relationship with his male lover. A lesser known story worth a watch with some great actors.

I’m looking forward to:

Celebrity Big Brother – Channel 5

I loveeeeeee Celebrity Big Brother. Nothing excites me more than observing D-listers who really can’t stand each other being forced to endure each other for days on end relentlessly. Whilst I’m a firm believer that Big Brother should return to its original purpose, and put NORMAL people inside the house so that we can watch what happens in a real social experiment (not, as they now do, recruiting absolutely mad ones who use the show as a platform to … er … nothing) – I’ll settle for celebrity inmates. If Meghan Markle’s sister goes in I think the whole country will be watching and with an interesting cast already lined up, I can’t wait for it to start on August 16th.

Made In Chelsea: Croatia – E4

Has Sam been up to his usual tricks? Are Liv and Digby an item still or has Harry Baron persuaded her otherwise? I love MIC and the craziness that is their posh lives – this time they’re off to Croatia for some fun in the sun, apparently featuring a savage fall out. Starts August 6th.

People Just Do Nothing – BBC 3

Confirmed for series five, People Just Do Nothing should hopefully be back this Autumn. Set against the backdrop of a council estate where he runs a pirate radio station, M.C. Grindah and his posse are back for a fifth and final series which I’m sure will have me killing with laughter as per usual.

I’m currently focusing on children’s literature remakes for movies at the moment, which you can read about here, but any recommendations for good summer watching? Let me know!

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