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Boosting My Energy Levels With Caffeine and L-Theanine Capsules #

Can’t Live Without Caffeine

Hi. My name is Aimée, and I’m addicted to caffeine. So addicted, in fact, that I can consume copious amounts of coffee per day and am highly reliant on the substance to keep me awake through pretty much everything. As we all know, however, drinking the wonderful roasted elixir means no doubt spending a ridiculous amount of time at night tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, heightened feelings of anxiety (which many of us don’t need any help with at all, thank you very much) and physical manifestations such as shaking and trembling, even sweating and stammering.

Equally as annoying are the associated symptoms of IBS and needing to go to the toilet all the time. Then, of course, our moods change and energy levels begin to drop as the quick-fix shot of caffeine leaves our bodies, and we feel ourselves requiring more, needing more in order to carry on until the next bedtime spent tossing and turning.

It’s a vicious cycle but it’s one that I’m looking to break. I’ve struggled with low energy levels for a few years; the nature of the daily grind, working 9-5, studying part-time with The Open University and trying to hold down a social and personal life left me pretty much depleted of resources. I tried herbal teas, but found these ineffective for long-term energy. I’ve tried knocking the coffee on the head, but found myself too tired to function. I needed something that embodied the qualities of both; the calming herbal tea and the energy-building caffeine.

Breaking The Cycle

My prayers may have just been answered! Focus Supplements kindly sent me some of their Caffeine and L-Theanine Capsules. These energy supplements contain 250mg of L-Theanine and 100mg of Caffeine. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea, known for it’s anti-oxidants and nutritional benefits. Combined with the 100mg of Caffeine, it is said that this is the recommended ratio for optimal performance. So, you’re getting all the calming benefits of Green Tea, with the energy-boosting qualities of a strong cup of coffee, in one tablet.

Focus Supplements Caffeine and L-Theanine Capsules

“… L-theanine and caffeine in combination are beneficial for improving performance on cognitively demanding tasks.” (Journal of Nutritional Neuroscience, 2008)

I’ve started taking them today. Whilst the packet advises 1-2 tablets per day, there isn’t actually a limit on the amount of these tablets you can take, due to their naturally beneficial and nutritious ingredients, therefore you can take them each time you would have a coffee, in order to keep your energy levels the same and continue or reduce as you see fit. It is really up to you and according to Focus Supplements some people purposefully take a lot due to it being so good for naturally boosting your energy without causing the same physical effects as the caffeine we get from coffee, as mentioned previously.

For me this is a Godsend as my anxiety already has me shaking and on edge, so much so that I’m not actually supposed to drink coffee as it heightens it – today I’ve only had one coffee, and have taken three capsules. I would normally have at least six coffees as a minimum throughout the day at various intervals. I feel calmer, my palms are far less clammy and I’m not yawning nor still buzzing around the house at 10pm trying to find things to do.

The Caffeine and L-Theanine Capsules are suitable for Vegetarians.

D-Mannose Pure Powder

As I mentioned previously, IBS, in my case caused by anxiety, can also be an issue when consuming too much coffee or too many energy drinks – you end up needing the toilet constantly and your stomach can feel iffy for days. Focus Supplements are kindly helping me to combat this also, by providing me with 100g of D-Mannose Pure Powder. D-Mannose is a naturally occurring molecule in many fruits, which prevents infectious bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract, naturally reduces the bodies need for antibiotics for such infections and assists in maintaining an optimal degree of digestive health, without being full of the harmful sugars found in the fruits the powder is extracted from.

D-Mannose Pure Powder

One to two scoops daily is recommended to achieve the above benefits, so I am trying out this, in addition to the L-Theanine and Caffeine Capsules, to see if I can successfully begin to ‘zen’ my body naturally, and stop consuming so much coffee! Aside from the caffeine content, my addiction to strong, barista made drinks from Starbucks and Nero’s are costing me an arm and a leg!

The D-Mannose Powder is suitable for Vegans.

So far, so good.

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Peace Out!

A.C.G. x

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