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Casual Dating – For You? # 🌷

There are so many reasons to enjoy casual dating. Today, with the increase in online dating websites and apps, if you’re single and look to hook up with others who share the same mindset, you’d be silly not to try them out. Some, just like you, are looking for dinner dates, flirting and casual sex, many, companionship with a view to a long-term arrangement, others, a quick fling in the back of their Vauxhall. Either way, whatever you’re looking for in terms of a casual relationship, you can usually find someone likeminded online.

Casual dating has proved a great experience for many of my friends who just don’t want to commit yet. That’s fair enough, right? We’re living longer and there is so much of the world to see, settling down early is not for everyone! Casual dating allows you that freedom of choice. No anchor round your neck, no dirty pants on the bathroom floor; you can just enjoy the best bits of a relationship without actually being in one. Being tied down isn’t for everyone. We don’t all have a perfect plan or a timeline of events that we expect to stick to in order to feel fulfilled. Some do, and that’s great. But just because you don’t, does not mean there aren’t others out there just like you who want a little bit of something on a Friday night, without having to meet Grandma and the rest of their family each Sunday for lunch.

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Tired of their commitment and trying to save face, many embrace extra marital affairs in order to fulfil their needs, and casual dating removes the element of commitment allowing a life of independence. If you’re actively looking for a casual relationship, stop going down the pub on a Friday night hoping Mr. or Mrs. Fun-time is going to walk through the door –they won’t! Oh no, they’re clued up about the benefits of casual dating and online looking for people just like you.

A friend of mine found complete solace in her casual relationships. Her previous boyfriend was totally controlling, monitoring her every move purely because he had nothing more in his life, whilst she is a high-flyer who travels for work. She hated it. Eventually they broke up and she started using various online dating sites. I cannot tell you how much of a different person she is now. She feels totally in control, but never alone. These no strings attached relationships grant her the freedom she requires to do her job without any obligations or pressures. It is what it is. Fun, free and fabulous.

Love Island

Take Jack and Georgia opting for separation in order to remain in the Love Island villa. To many they may just look like money-grabbing pre-adults; I think they’re brave. She is following her heart and I don’t blame her. Having their relationship under a microscope and having to listen to the comments of others on how they present themselves as a couple must be hard. Fortunately, the free nature of the villa and the constant hot new additions make casual dating for the contestants’ fun, and it can be for you, too, if you take advantage of the variety of options available to you today.


We are so lucky to be part of a generation that has access to the rest of the world at the touch of a button. We are no longer limited to the people we know or required to settle for those we meet who have some sort of similar interest, because we might never meet anyone at all. Oh no! Today, we can type in what we want and find matches straight away. Casual dating literally at your fingertips.

Casual dating, as with Love Island, allows you to find the right person for you. You aren’t obligated to confess who else you’re seeing (unless of course, you both want to take things further), and you can continue to dip your toe in the pond of singletons as much as you like until you find an arrangement that suits you. This isn’t for everyone, as some find it difficult to detach sex from emotion. Equally, if you do wish to take things further it could be upsetting if your casual other-half isn’t interested. Be honest with yourself before you agree to anything – that way you won’t be disappointed. But if you are someone who enjoys a casual hook-up, with no responsibility on either partner’s part, you have nothing to lose!

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