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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – ⭐ The Low Down 📺

It’s here! Another year, another Celebrity Big Brother, and this year’s theme is Eye of the Storm – focusing on celebrities who have been involved in their own media storm and it’s actually an interesting line up! 

The beautiful Emma Willis, dressed in a gorgeous black jump and stilettos, introduced the 13 stars of what I hear is set to be the last Big Brother (celebrity or otherwise) ever – say what? But firstly, she took us on a tour of the house, looking the funkiest I’ve ever seen it. Tropical prints, bright colours and neon signs adorn the walls; the Diary Room has a gorgeous velvet round chair for the celebs to properly kick back in, and the bathroom has 0 privacy and with a mixture of double and single beds, we’re going to see some celebs topping and tailing. Let’s take a look at who went in to this Celebrity Big Brother.

So Who Went In?

Kirstie Alley

Hollywood superstar Kirstie Alley was the first to grace the new house. This icon of movies including Star Trek and Look Who’s Talking will certainly bring some brilliant stories to the house and hopefully spill the beans on other celebrities and her life as a Scientologist.

Ryan Thomas

Heartthrob Ryan is sure to set pulses racing in the BB House. Serving as hotty Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street for sixteen years, he more recently moved home to Neighbours. Interestingly he is dating Dan Osbourne’s ex-co star and ex-fling Lucy Mecklenburgh – will they dish the dirt on their relationships?

Jermaine Pennant

The bad boy of football who played for Liverpool and Arsenal, Jermaine Pennant is an interesting addition the the BB House, having served time for drink driving and getting into further trouble with the law during his career. Who knows what he will reveal about his scandalous life.

Dan Osbourne

Ex-Towie star, caught up in various media scandals surrounding a threatening phone-call to his ex and his apparent cheating on wife and mother of his two children Jacqueline Jossa with none other than Gabby Allen, his fellow BB contestant, I would love to see how they act around each other given the accusations – I’m shocked they’ve both agreed to go in there, to be honest!

Gabby Allen

Star of last year’s Love Island, and 4th place contestant, after surviving to the final with partner Marcel (whom I think, but I’m not sure, was in Blazin’ Squad?), Gabby Allen enters the house fresh from the recent media storm with Dan Osbourne. Accused of hooking up with Dan behind his wife’s back whilst away on a fitness holiday, Gabby cites the reason for her relationship with Marcel ending being his cheating; he reacted by accusing her back – is there any truth in it? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Rodrigo Alves

A self-proclaimed human Ken doll, Rodrigo is famous for his many surgeries and from the complications arising from them – you know, just nearly dying! Rodrigo is an enchanting character, I can’t stop staring at his face. It’s like a wax-work but also weirdly beautiful. I cannot believe he had four ribs removed in order to make his blazers sit better: ew.

Chloe Ayling

You’d be forgiven for not having a clue who this is. Chloe graced our tabloids last year after reportedly being drugged and taken hostage whilst on a modelling job. Speculation grew about the motives behind her capture and many believed it to be a setup in order to gain notoriety as Chloe was an aspiring glamour model. Her captor was however found guilty and sentenced to 16 years. Nevertheless, she’s been offered a contract and here she is amongst some (not all, admittedly) actual celebrities. Annoying but she will definitely be keen to tell her story, I’m sure. Jermaine certainly seems to have his eye on her, already. Unsurprising given the lack of clothing.

Ben Jardine

If I’m honest, I had to Google this guy. So apparently he went on the show Married at First Sight, and then cheated on his Missus within a week. Not really sure how that qualifies him as a celebrity but again, he’s gone in the house.

Roxanne Pallett

The beautiful Roxanne Pallett, ex Emmerdale cast member, was involved in a recent media storm due to becoming engaged to her partner after knowing him for one week. Who can blame her? She nearly died in a horror car crash – that’s enough to make anyone live in the moment. I’m not sure what she will bring to the house, but she seem’s into it.

Natalie Nunn

From across the pond, Natalie Nunn is America’s self-proclaimed Bad Girl, starring in shows such as the Bad Girls Club. Extrovert, loud and in your face, I think we’ve got a firecracker on our hands here. She will definitely rub a few people up the wrong way.

Sally Morgan

Psychic Sally Morgan, looking absolutely fabulous, has gone into the house. She seems fun and down to earth. I like the fact that, whatever anyone else believes, she doesn’t care! Accused of being a fraud, she’s hit back at claims and received a pay out of £125,000 from a newspaper for libellous claims. She’s a bit of a force to be reckoned with and I think she’ll clash with Natalie.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

BBC and One Show presenter Hardeep was involved in a storm surrounding his behaviour around a female colleague, and he was suspended for 6 months. Seemingly down to earth and very funny, he’s definitely looking to change people’s opinions of him.

Nick Leeson

The MOST interesting housemate in my opinion, Nick Leeson was famously on the run and cited as the Worlds Most Wanted Man having lead Barings Bank into bankruptcy after gambling away its money. I cannot wait to hear what he has to say about what happened as he becomes more comfortable around his housemates.

Despite speculation, Stormy Daniels, famous for sleeping with Donald Trump, and Caitlyn Jenner, who was rumoured to be going in due to being seen flying into Heathrow today, was also no where to be seen. Boo!

Kirsty, as first in, was tasked with being the House President, and shortly after the public voted Ryan Thomas as her VP. I think this year is going to be slow to start, but when it kicks off it is going to KICK OFF. I can’t wait.

Peace Out

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