Dual Nationality and Me

In the wake of Brexit there has been a surge in the British applying for European passports via their families and links; Ireland has seen a huge increase in applications – and I am one of those people! I am now proudly, the owner of Dual-Nationality.

Born in Devon to an English Mother and Irish Father, my dad decided to return to his home of Dublin in 2001. I’ve always embraced my Irish roots – I visit him often and the country is my second home, but I’d never thought to get an Irish passport. That was until of course, Brexit got underway.

For me personally, I am looking to move to Ireland to assist with my father’s care, so it seemed the best option in order for a smooth transition. Others simply want the protection from any disconnect between Europe and the U.K. Who knows what will happen!

The process from start to finish was laborious but generally easy. You can request your Irish Passport form online and they will post this out to you within a matter of days so long as you qualify. Then YOU need to do some digging.

Lucky for me my father is on the ball and ordered his birth certificate again for something else, so I had this in order to prove his Irish heritage. Then it was on me to prove I was his daughter – sending my own birth certificate, driving licence, payslips and having these all approved and authorised by a signatory. I can only recommend you keep a detailed list of what you need to do/ what you’ve done/ the documents you’ve obtained and what has been sent to the Irish Embassy. I cannot complain about the service. Although my passport took 3 months to arrive (which I actually thought was quite quick given the amount of checks required), the Embassy returned all documentation to me in perfect condition.

The cost of obtaining my passport was 80 euros – cheaper than a British one.

If you were looking to get your First Irish Passport, but didn’t know where to start, visit the Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs here. 

I used my passport on arrival at Dublin a couple of weeks ago and was chuffed to feel IRISH. Whilst having two passports is a little daunting (I lose EVERYTHING), I am so so proud to own both and to be representing my heritage on both sides.

A.C.G. x


The decision has been made! I’m now moving to Ireland – talk about fate!

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