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Gratitude Breeds Positivity 🙏

As I’m sat here on this cold Saturday morning, a little idea has just hopped, skipped and jumped its way into my train of thought. Life, and I, can be so negative. Each affects the other, of course. But then, if that’s true, surely, positivity can work in the same way?

I read The Secret a few years back. I enjoyed it, and it did fill me with positivity for a time, but you don’t always have someone there; your personal little cheerleader constantly telling you you’ve got this, once you’ve finished the book. It is so easy to lose sight of what is important amongst what you manage to end up worrying about that absolutely everything can seem so worthless.

We know it isn’t though. I know it isn’t. And so, today, I’ve decided to wake up and list 10 things I am grateful for, right now, in order to prove to myself that positive thinking through gratefulness breeds positivity in life – here’s to a good day!

10 Reasons I Am Grateful

  1. I am grateful to be alive, and will not waste this day, as it is a gift that has been given to me and what I must choose what to do with it.
  2. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family, without whom I most surely wouldn’t be here today. They continuously pick me up, make sense of my life for me and know when to step in and help when it all just gets a bit too much – for just the ‘knowing’I am grateful. Your love and support is priceless.
  3. I am grateful for my partner. Whilst life and our relationship has been one long rocky road for us both, we have continuously been there for eachother, and I’ve known no bond quite like ours and I’m not sure I will with anyone else.
  4. I am grateful for my beautiful cat, who, despite being kind of a moody boy since his twin sister left, (understandably, of course, and still so so sad), allows me to scoop him up and endures forced cuddles at all times – we do miss you Princess <3
  5. I am grateful that I live in such a wonderful country, and that I am also a Dual-National with another beautiful country, Ireland. I get to travel between both and have had the choice to live in both as my dad is Irish. I had a wonderful childhood jetting back and forth and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
  6. I am grateful for my health. Despite going through some crap recently, and having a horrific earache and swollen face this morning (boo), I am grateful that in general my health does not stop me from doing anything I want to do – just my mental health to tackle, now!
  7. I am grateful that my little brother, aged 21, did not come back home from his night out on the lash too late last night, and I managed to get a few hours kip in between his pre-drinking party and his return – this ear ache is making me grouchy but thankfully he had a tame one!
  8. I am grateful for Piglet – that tiny little animal never fails to cheer me up every time I see his face!
  9. I am grateful for the people I’ve met on my blogging journey – there are some incredible people out there whose stories need to be told and they are taking the courage to do so – keep going guys, please keep going.
  10. I am grateful that this time next week, I will getting ready to attend my Graduation Ceremony in Torquay, one of my favourite places in this beautiful country.

Enjoy your days, and make the most of them!

Peace Out x


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