Hobby Craft: Paint Your Own Unicorn Moneybox 🦄🖌️

I love arts and crafts. Anything creative I can get my hands on and I am happy for literally HOURS! My boyfriend loves it as he gets full control of the TV during these times, so he happily indulges me.Yesterday we were out doing bits and pieces and we passed a Hobby Craft.

I haven’t been in one for ages as I’ve been so busy completing my degree, so I asked him to pull in for me to have a wander. I’d actually gone in with the hope of finding a paint-by-numbers as I want something to keep me focused and calm at the moment. I didn’t even get as far as that section; I had to have the Unicorn Paint-Your-Own Money Box.

Money Box
Paint-Your-Own Unicorn Money Box

I’m signed up to NUS so I get a nice 10% discount on my purchases at Hobby Craft. That bought the cost down to £3.60 for me and it’s usually £4.00.

Kids will want to mix the colours provided as they’re pretty dull – but nice pastels are achievable – if you do have some white paint lying around that certainly helps! The paintbrush does the trick but you will want to use a smaller one for the cutting-in if you’re taking it seriously (like me – I don’t do stuff by ‘alves!). Equally I found I had to apply three coats of paint to get a nice finish.

So, here we have it, my very own hand-painted unicorn money box. Cute, no? I think it’s good enough to gift, so if you’re short of ideas and want to spend less than £5 on a present, why not get something from this range and personalise? There were lots of choices of statue. Naturally I finished it off with a glittery coat. 🦄

Unicorn Money Box
Mixing Colours for the Mane
Rainbow Horn

They’re currently having a fabulous sale, so I also picked up a 10×8 stretch canvas for £1.25 and as my sister and I have been jazzing up her shed into a Tiki Bar (post to follow – F.Y.I. it is amazing) I grabbed these gorgeous little glasses, costing £1.00 each or you could purchase 3 for the price of 2 – so I did and with my student discount this meant they were £1.80 – 60 pence a glass is an absolute bargain!

Stretched Canvas
Bargain Jar Glasses
Bargain Jar Glasses

Whilst I’m trying to save money, the shopaholic in me can’t stop spending as I come across cute buys. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to more crafting this summer; if the big move out of the country allows me the time!

A.C.G. x


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