How To Move Home Whilst Retaining Your Sanity: Packing Tips 🏠

It can be extremely hard at times to continue packing up your home whilst keeping your head together and not getting extremely stressed out at the thought of the work involved. Not only are you having to prioritise what you will need regularly, often, or not at all, you are also leaving your home, which can be highly emotional. You’re also probably trying to get rid of some junk in the process. This is all whilst leading your normal life working etc. I am encountering all of this myself again, at present.

Don’t panic though. There is a way round the stress. If you have the key materials, set yourself clear time goals, and enlist the help of those around you who are willing to assist, you-will-be-fine!


Break down your time into a chart. What days are you going to be too busy to do anything? What days could you do more? What will you need to pack at the very last minute, and what can go into storage straight away?  Set achievable goals and don’t overwhelm yourself. This doesn’t have to be a looming problem or a big job for you if you plan properly.

Donate and Dump

There is no point taking old rubbish to a new home. Be hard on yourself and follow the 3 pile rule – never use, might use, always use, which develop into throw away, try on/ use or check, charity donation.



Be careful here – whilst it may be easy to pop to your local storage centre and buy boxes ready to go, you will end up spending £1 or more per box depending on the sizes required.

Be like me and harass the hell out of your local newsagents, or even just pop in one as you pass and enquire – often the owners are grateful as you are creating space for them for free before the next recycling collection day.

Supermarkets can be a great source of boxes, but these tend to be small (e.g. wine boxes) or open (e.g. banana crates) – ask someone at customer service if they have anything bigger that hasn’t been sent to the compactor yet.

McDonalds chip boxes are the perfect size for moving – nip into your local and ask behind the counter.

Packing Tape

Needless to say, a strong brown or clear packing tape is a must. Most hardware stores sell multipacks, so you can ensure you have enough to properly secure your boxes.


Again, pretty self-explanatory; we don’t want to break our teeth on big tape now, do we!


Plain white labels or, a snipped up piece of A4 secured with clear tape is just as sufficient. Label each box as required. Personally, I’ve labelled my partners in blue, and mine in red to differentiate. Whilst time is an issue and so perfection can’t be my motivation (otherwise I’d have an itemised spreadsheet on the go!), organisation is key for when you arrive at your destination and need to access your contents quickly.

Marker Pens

To label the boxes, of course.

Antibacterial Wipes

There is absolutely NO point transporting dirt or dust. Clean your items as you pack them to save time on arrival and keep them from gaining another layer as you travel.

Cleaning Products

With most moves you will need to clean the property before you vacate (unless of course you want to hire a contract cleaner), and so making sure you have good products from the start is important. I’m choosing to deep clean as I clear each area, so instead of one HUGE job at the end of the month, I’ll just have to spring clean for a final finish.

Copious Teabags

I can’t do anything without a good supply of tea. I don’t even need to mention coffee supplies as caffeine is a given.

Packing Playlist

Get those motivational tunes on. Turn off the tele, engross yourself in your schedule and if you’re feeling slightly jaded, why not make a different playlist for each day and the time allocated for packing, when the music stops, you’re done for the day.

Friends and Family

I’m sure you’ve helped them with odd jobs, so why not enlist the help of your friends and family to help you with the packing or the move or even the clean? Many hands make light work and a little bit of help can go a long way when you have so much to do. Even if its just a friend filling their boot and taking a couple of bits to your new home, the dump or a charity shop, it’s a helping hand.

Don’t Forget to ENJOY Yourself

You are leaving your home. Do not get so wrapped up in the move that you forget to enjoy your surroundings for the final time. In creating a schedule, you can also timetable moments for yourself to do the things you love, such as sit and read a book in your favourite spot, watch a film or cook in the kitchen. Whatever you do, just enjoy it.

I hope my tips go some way to helping you stay calm during your move. Organisation, as always, is the key to success.


A.C.G. x

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