Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West (2017) Got Me Feeling Like … #filmreview 🎥

If you’ve not yet seen Ingrid Goes West, I implore you to go and watch it now. Right now if possible. It is REALLY worth watching.

Seemingly another social media teen flick, this film actually provides an incredibly dark insight into the world of social influencers, and the intense impact they have on their fans and their mindsets through the images they post and the lives they portray.

At a time when EVERYTHING is online, including the ins and outs of people’s lives, Ingrid Bergman, played by the brilliantly psychotic-looking yet hilariously funny Aubrey Plaza, turns to the internet to seek solace from her online ‘friends’ after the death of her mother. These people are, in reality, simply strangers she follows on Instagram and has no real connection or relationship with.

Humiliated in her home town, Ingrid comes across an article about social influencer Taylor Sloane, portrayed by the gorgeous Elizabeth Olsen, in a magazine. Intent on becoming Taylor’s best friend, Ingrid relocates her life to Taylor’s town, and what ensues is a fanatic, fantasist, single-white-female situation which causes Ingrid’s life to fall apart even more.

Captivating from the beginning, Ingrid Goes West captures perfectly the insanity that is the realm of self-promotion. Aubrey Plaza plays the role of the deeply troubled Ingrid so insanely well; the film casts a strong light on the issues facing generation Z and those who will follow, and provides a deep warning of the issues yet to properly present themselves.

Ingrid Goes West Got Me Feeling Like (dot,dot,dot)🤳😂

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