Invisible A Short Poem

Invisible – A Short Poem ✍️

Invisible – A Short Poem

The mornings loom,

Only the night brings calm.

I wait for you,

As you live your life.

Filled with gloom,

The days roll forward.

You did not notice,

My trouble and strife.

Crying dry tears,

The light has long gone,

I’m still waiting for you to see.

No worries,

No fears.

You see, it’s my fault I’m wrong.

It’s easy for you see,

You’re free.

Internalising you,

Blind to pain in my eyes.

Yet I carry you,

Through the darkest of times.

Disregarding me,

You ignore silent cries.

No love,

No comfort,

You choose to ignore all the signs.

I’ve been through the mill at bit recently in my personal life. Whilst I’m coming out the other side fighting, a lot of feelings came to light during the process. I realised I’m harbouring a lot of anger towards people, but don’t quite know how to express it – this has been a problem for a few years now. I’ve been seeing a wonderful therapist each week who is helping me build on my depleted self-esteem, and whilst diary writing is a good outlet, for me, when I write poetry or verse, it seems to capture so much more of my emotion and I feel I can express myself with so much more clarity.

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Peace Out!

A.C.G. x


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