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It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

Blogmas Day 1.

It’s here, it’s here – this festive time of year! Let’s cheer, let’s cheer, and have another beer! Or glass of fizz, whatever. For someone who wasn’t feeling overly festive I sure thought up that rhyme pretty darn quickly. But it’s been impossible for me not to get into the spirit of things, and fast, given just how much Christmas spirit there is floating about absolutely everywhere I go – it’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas, guys!

Our Christmas trees at work have now been up for two weeks. If you’d had asked me two weeks ago what I thought, I would have told you it’s ridiculous to put the decs up that soon. Bah Humbug.

That said, it’s now December 1st and I’m upset that I don’t have my tree bought let alone up on display and I’m looking forward to seeing their trees when I get in to work on Monday. Hmph.

So, I popped to the shops today (same as most weekends) and it was so nice to see Winterval, a smaller version of a Winter Wonderland spread out across the city of Waterford, in full swing. Last week when I wandered past and it was up and running it felt a bit premature. A bit too soon. But today was an entirely different experience, and part of me wished I was a child again, able to enjoy Christmas with all its grandeur, excitement and wonder. Nothing beats that innocence.


Santa Sleigh Rides Around The City

As I’m new to actually living in Waterford (I’ve visited, many times), I’m exploring everything I possibly can and I find it really impressive that things like Winterval take place, it’s important to keep the spirit of the season alive in children – plus it’s pretty and fun for adults too! I can’t wait to pop back next week and take part in some of the events, enjoy the Christmas stalls, ride the wheel, eat a ridiculously large hot dog and really dive into Christmas after the long week at work. The Christmas shopping can wait another week.

The Big Carousel Lighting Up The Square
The Big Wheel On The Quay

I’m looking forward to continuing to explore the area and sharing my Christmas experiences over Blogmas.

Peace out!

A.C.G. x





Blogmas Day Two



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