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Made in Chelsea Croatia: Episode 2 – Baron Snakes-a-Lot and His Naive Compadre 🐍

So, I’ve just caught up on this evening’s MIC Croatia. (Sniggers). I’ve been looking forward to this ALL week.

After last Monday’s shenanigans, in which Liv and Sam made up, and Sam admitted that despite not being in a relationship with Habbs, that he had slept with someone in Vegas and the one and only Harry Baron was in the know, I knew that this week’s Made in Chelsea was going to be one not to miss.

Back in sunny Croatia, the Chelsea crew were being fabulous as always; milling around marinas and buying loaves of fresh bread. Miles was unwilling (he sang like a canary) to indulge Ollie in the reason behind his walk-of-shame, having slept with Tabitha the night before and swore him to secrecy. We moved to Liv and Digby drinking fresh OJ on the balcony – all very chic, dahling. Ollie, runs back of course to tell the young lovers about … the young lovers. Cue Ollie’s typical innuendo over his French Stick.

Switch straight to Sam, Habbs and the slimey Mr Harry Baron, romantically mountain biking on a double date. Sam, true to form, approaches the issue of Vegas with Baron Snakes-A-Lot, who promises to keep Sam’s secret. Haven’t we been here before? Sam’s problem? He’s too trusting. He’s naive. He acts with his trouser-snake first, and thinks with his trouser-brain later – apparently weeks later, all the way in another country.

Jamie continues his jealousy-rampage over Miles and his French girlfriend – why is it that Jamie only ever stays interested for more than a second if someone else tries to steal his girlfriend? That must be exhausting.

Five minutes later, and Baron Snakey-Face lets on to his girlfriend (I can’t even remember her name she’s that boring) that Sam slept with someone else, making it out to be this big romantic gesture in their relationship that he’s being honest (probably for the first time in his life). Why is Harry such a knob? I literally despise the fella. “You can’t tell anyone”, he says. Bit late for that, aye.

Sam makes it clear that they aren’t YET girlfriend and boyfriend at dinner. But Harry’s unimpressive girlfriend cannot resist calling Sam out in front of everyone. Fair play to Sam, he asks Harry where he was for an hour in Vegas too, after going off with the same girl. Who does that? I mean, who ACTUALLY does that when they’re guilty themselves. Ew. Harry insists Sam has just made that up – believable. Never mind, Jamie was there to basically say I told you so to Sam, and then enjoy the fact that Harry may have messed up himself. Habbs, taking it very well (let’s all bear in mind here that they AREN’T in a relationship, ‘we’re on a break!’ is screaming at me right now), tries to convince the boring one to speak to Harry. Harry then grovels to Habbs to say sorry for not telling her and the boring one about this mysterious Vegas … what I can only imagine was a hooker? But why would he? It would only reveal the truth! Baron makes out he was of course just doing the gentlemanly thing and escorting her home – yeahhh right buddy! Someone was definitely doing some escorting, that’s for sure. The plot thickens as each boy tries to defend themselves, ridiculously.

“You’re supposed to be my ride or die Harry!” Sam shouts. Who in their right mind would want Baron as their ride or die, or anything for that matter? They’re both as bad as each other in my opinion and neither deserves their girl. Grow up.

Looking forward to next week’s instalment.

Peace Out

A.C.G. x


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