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Moving House … and Country: Stage One 👣

The Decision Has Been Made

It’s finally been agreed, decided, confirmed. My partner and I are making the big step and not only moving house, but to another country. Okay, so we’re only moving across the waters to Ireland, but for me this is a huge move as I’ve never lived more than two counties away from my mother. So!

Luckily, I’m making the move in the softest way possible; my dad is Irish and moved back there in ’98, so I’ve got a brilliant support system and the inside line on everything. I’ve visited Ireland from a very young age for weeks each year, but I’ve never really contemplated properly making the move until recently, when things went a bit mad in my life. I’m ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the South-East of England and London in particular – I just feel like I need to be able to breathe again, and no where makes me feel as calm. I’ve already got dual-nationality which I blogged  about recently, and my Irish passport, so hopefully work etc. will run smoothly for me.

I’ll be moving to the South-East of Ireland too, and right on the coast. My father and I have always discussed our need to be by the sea – we both seem to find calm amongst the chaos of the noise and those particularly stormy nights. We’re pretty similar that way.

I think the most difficult aspect will be not being so close to my family in England. I am one of 5 siblings living in very close proximity; I have lots of friends, cousins and aunties and uncles and my mum is my world. But, ultimately, I need to try something new, not just for a change, but in order to find out who I am and what works for me. I am bored and I am frustrated with the rat race everyone I know has to undertake in order to survive. It is so easy to lose sight of what is important when everyone is demanding a piece of you – I want to get back to me. Sometimes a little bit of space and a little bit of freedom to roam is all you need, aye.

We’ve given the notice on our flat (4 weeks), and will be staying with my mother for a month after due to my graduation ceremony. We will then stay with my father for a week or so, whilst looking for a new place. In the mean time, I’ve got boxes to collect and SO many belongings to go through (I’ve been in my flat seven years now – eek). I’m hoping to attend a few car boot sales to lighten the load and make a bit of spending money. At the moment I’m trying to save where possible for the new place – I don’t see the point in moving somewhere new if I’m just going to fill it with the old.

So far, the plan is to head over in my car on the ferry (cue extreme sea sickness!). Then we will hire a van, drive it back on the ferry (cue more extreme sea sickness!), fill her up and take her back on the ferry once more to our new home! (Hopefully by this point I’ll be so tired there will be no vomiting left).

I’m really excited to be making such a big change to my life, but, naturally I’m incredibly anxious at the thought. I’m currently focusing all my energy into the sea view I so desperately want and need from my bedroom window!

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