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One Week Later in Ireland ☘

I’ve now been living in Ireland officially for one whole week. A whole week! It’s flown by. I can’t believe this time last weekend I was leaving Surrey for Pembroke, and the ferry to Rosslare.

I had several reasons for moving; my mental health was depreciating where I was, my father has been severely unwell and is Irish and equally, I needed a fresh start away from the busy bustle that is the U.K.

I’ve worked in Croydon for the past few years and anyone who knows it will tell you how rough it is. It has its good bits, don’t get me wrong, but on the whole it’s pretty much a dive and quite an aggressive, bleak place to work. Surrey is beautiful, and I was blessed to be raised in such a gorgeous part of the county, but no matter where you go in the U.K. it seems to be overrun with busy people going about their busy lives. Everything moves at the speed of light and if you can’t keep up? You’re getting the car horn pal!

I couldn’t live like that anymore. I couldn’t survive at the pace I was going. Low and behold, I had a burn out. Something eventually had to give and it turned out to be my wellbeing.

I’ve had dual nationality from England and Ireland for a while. My dad moved back home twenty years ago, and I’ve been visiting Ireland regularly, year after year since. It’s my haven. My safe space. I come here to relax, to feel zen, to slow down my life a little bit.


Where better to set up home then? So here I am. I’ve hopped, skipped and jumped my way across the Irish Sea and I’ve now been here for a week. It’s only when you step out of the madness that you realise just how unnaturally fast your life is moving forwards – with or without you.

I’m now based down on the South-East coast, literally right by the sea. It’s a quiet town in the winter months, much unlike Brighton, where it’s busy non-stop. Shops don’t open 24 hours here; I can’t hear the London to Brighton train whizzing past my flat window every 20 minutes anymore and the sounds of planes taking off and landing at Gatwick no longer dominate the sky.



In fact, I can’t hear anything. Peace and tranquility eminate from the silence – it’s impossible not to feel relaxed here. It’s a strange feeling but one I’m hoping to get very used to.


I’m still winding down from my chaotic life and I guess after living it for so long it may take some adjustment. But I’m excited to start exploring this beautiful country properly, and to really start to appreciate the calming effect it has on me.


Here’s to a big adventure!

Peace out.

A.C.G. x

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