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Blind Dates vs. Online Dating

I got talking with a friend last week. He suffers from anxiety, but had taken the brave steps to meet a woman for a blind date. Unfortunately, despite the excitement during the build up, he said he had the worst time! He said that they weren’t compatible at all; she was beautiful and kind, but she wasn’t his type and they didn’t share any interests. Now, he feels it was a waste of time and is reluctant to go on anymore dates for a long time, nor to trust his friends with any future matchmaking!

Whilst this used to be commonplace amongst dating, nasty surprises really don’t have to be a factor whatsoever, thanks to online dating. With such an array of dating sites available, it doesn’t matter if you are an anxious Annie, over-confident Carol or specifically searching for that person with no children, 5 cats and a big garden, you can and will find that right person online.

Who Has The Time?

If you haven’t got the time to spend seeking out that someone special (who does, really?) then WeLoveDates could be the perfect solution for you. Find people at your own pace and work dating around your schedule; it really is all about convenience and you.

Equally, when you start dating, you want to find someone who not only shares your interests, but other important aspects of lifestyle, too. The great thing about online dating is that you really can be super specific about your requirements in a person. It might be, for example, that you would like to meet someone of the same religion. You don’t need to employ inquisition style tactics in order to learn this information, there are a variety of great religion-based and Christian Dating Sites on the web which are ready to help you find that spiritually like-minded person in a quick and easy way.

Don’t Give Up

It’s so easy to lose confidence in yourself when you go on a bad date. I went on one a few years ago, set up by friends and agreed to on a whim. It was THE worst three hours of my life. Had I known more about him, and truthfully, he about me, too, we would NOT have gone on that date. We were totally incompatible; he spent the entire time talking about his ex-girlfriend who he was obviously still in love with, I sat drinking away my pain, listening to him drone on, wishing I was somewhere else. Had I seen his profile on any dating sites, I’d have backed off straight away!

These bad experiences don’t have to be a factor in your dating journey any more. You have the option to control who and what kind of people are introduced to you; you have the option to join a huge pool of singles, or to just join a specific group that you feel meets your needs.

Whatever you do, do not shy away from online dating for fear or anything. Dating sites have taken the awkwardness out of finding the right person for you, you just need to log on and see who is waiting for you.

Good luck and be you!

Peace out,

A.C.G. x

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  • notalazysusan

    I met my husband, well it seems like a million years ago, and it was long before online dating became as prominent as it is today. He and I talk in jest about how awkward we would be if we had to date in today’s circumstances. But after reading your post, I can see how it would be a easier (for lack of a better word) to meet that special person.

    • Aimee Greene

      I think no matter how you approach it, there will always be awkwardness involved. I guess we just have much more control (as with everything today). I’d struggle with any approach due to my anxiety, but having the option to try and meet someone who either understands or has experienced it would definitely be a bonus! Thanks for reading Susan, I appreciate it!

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