#DailyPrompt: Rush – the one little word that is my entire life 🖋

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I rush to get out of bed. This is in order to join the millions of others in the morning rush to work.

I rush to take my lunch break, in order that my team can rush to take theirs and ensure we are all back at our posts in time for everyone else’s rush.

I rush to leave work in order to beat the 5pm departures. I join the millions in the evening rush home from work.

I rush to make the dinner in order to eat at a sociable time.

I rush to log on to my university portal in order to complete what I can during the evening.

I rush to record the programmes I will miss due to studying and when I can, I rush to fit in time to watch them.

As Friday draws near, I rush to complete all my work to ensure I can enjoy the weekend without Monday looming over me.

The weekend is upon me, so I rush to do all the things I could not do during the week; the tedious things: the food shop, the cleaning, the washing, the ironing, more studying.

I rush to meet friends and family so that they can rush off back to their lives and their rush.

I rush through the books I want to read for pleasure, because there just isn’t any justifiable time in which to read them in.

So why, given that rushing and the stress caused due to rushing are so dangerous for the human bodies, do we put ourselves under so much pressure nowadays? Has social media made us so afraid of missing out on what others are doing, that we must do it all? Where is the me time? The world is so available – are we rushing to do it all in a heartless fashion, instead of ‘stopping to smell the flowers’, as it were?

I, for one, am sick of the rush. Breaking down my week as I have above has shown my how unhealthy my lifestyle of hurrying around is, and just how much the rush (and not the good kind), has encroached upon my life without me even realising.

Therefore, I vow to rush no more. Slow and steady may well win the race in 2018.

A.C.G. x

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