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Snap Unhappy – Restore the Love <3 Featuring the Instax Mini Camera 📸

I’m so glad I got the Instax Fujifilm Instant Camera. I was thinking the other day about the photographs I’ve taken digitally since disposable cameras became a thing of the past. Then I had the most awful realisation. For ten years I haven’t printed any photographs to keep or put in albums. Worse still, I’ve forgotten some of the log-ins and passwords for the online platforms I’ve used to store them. I’ve had about three different laptops in that time and several digital cameras, not to mention the number of phones I’ve been through before the Cloud was introduced.

OK – So not all of the photographs I’ve taken are worthy of printing. When digital cameras were the in-thing they accompanied us teenage girls on every single night out – we took photos of absolutely everything, and there are SO many pictures I would never want to resurface from 2008 – 2010 – The Student years. But there are many photographs I’ve uploaded, that if the systems were to crash, I’d be absolutely devastated at losing them.

If Social Media implodes my memories would be lost forever. Backing up to the Cloud is in itself an arduous process, and many of us are guilty of not doing it to avoid the downtime for our phones – separation anxiety much? – I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever been caught short trying to capture a memory, only for the moment to pass by whilst we frantically scroll, select and delete.

Note to self – buy a hard drive, download all my photographs from all platforms and store safely. A good and reasonable site for printing your snaps is – they often have great introductory offers and free prints.

I have however discovered another way to alleviate this issue. The Fujifilm Instax Camera is the most wonderful thing. Not only is it a way of making sure you only capture those extra-special moments (each film role contains ten snaps), it prints instantly, producing miniature polaroids for you to pass to your friends or keep for yourself.

Instax Fujifilm Instant Camera

Instax Fujifilm Instant Camera
Pink Case

Better still, there are hundreds of accessories you can buy for your camera to spice up your snaps, making you feel like a real photographer (it’s fun to pretend). It’s not too bulky and with the neck strap I purchased it’s just like having a normal camera but with instant results.

My accessory set is so much fun to mess around with and contains:

  • Blue/Green/Red and Orange filter attachments making it possible to achieve those ‘Instagram effects’ manually and without hassle
  • Funky photo frames to use yourself or pass on as gifts – they’re a cute addition to any card
  • Brown string and colourful pegs for that chic hanging photo line – making it easy to display your fun snaps
  • Film skins to funk-up your photographs and given them a fun edge
  • A strap for easy transportation and a beautiful pink case to keep it nice and safe
  • My absolute favourite – a Selfie mirror in the shape of a pink bunny rabbit which enables you to see your image before you snap – just like a mobile phone!
  • A little pink photo album for storing those keepsakes
    Instax Fujifilm Instant Camera
    Filters and Selfie Mirror

    Instax Fujifilm Instant Camera
    Cute presentation accessories

I got my Instax from and the accessory set from

It’s much more fun to actually think your photographs through and add real value and meaning to them. Like your written posts, your photographs should be interesting enough to share with the world or to keep as a memory.

It’s sad that avid and popular ‘Instagramers’ have openly admitted to staging their photographs in order to gain the most interest from followers; from folding their designer clothes to the point of painful perfection to applying make-up, dressing up and styling their hair for a night out that isn’t actually taking place!

We are all guilty of hamming it up for the camera – the more vein of us grateful for the worldwide acknowledgement (NOT acceptance – please note there are still billions of us capable of not constantly snapping and positing egotistic photographs online) of the ‘Selfie’. Why not flood the net with amateur photographs of your face from a jaunty angle?

But what is the actual point? Photographs used to be an amazing thing. The ability to capture an exceptional moment in time, and they really did have to be extraordinary otherwise you wouldn’t want to waste the space on your film or get a duff amongst your prints, they had to mean something, be worthy of taking and sharing with friends over a cup of tea. If you had visitors pop in, would you produce a photo album of your last week’s dinners? No! Be kind! Think before you snap and share. Don’t share for the sake of it like speaking to fill a silence. Equally, get your photographs printed! Buy a nice photo album, store them for future generations to discover, allow them the experiences we were granted to explore and learn about past generations by giving them real study materials.

Like writing, the art of photography and the creativity involved is rapidly losing value. Everyone’s a writer, photographer, model, gym bunny, pro-runner … I could go on. But perhaps they should actually enjoy doing those things instead of posing in front of their camera. Maybe, just maybe, we could watch the fireworks through just our eyes, not through the screens of our phones as we record for others the amazing moments we are missing for ourselves.

Instax Fujifilm Instant Camera
Making memories..

A.C.G x


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