Summer Dating

Summer Dating # 🌷

The sun is shining and the weather is most certainly sweet. Summer is THE best time to start dating – you’re feeling good, looking good, the days are long and the nights full of opportunity. If you’re not sure where to start, why not take a look at an online dating site? If your local watering hole is looking more building site than beach club, best to head straight online. The hot weather seems to make people have a lot more free time and far more motivation to go out. Online dating is the easiest way to meet new people and have some fun with minimal effort. Summer dating? Yee ha!

Who doesn’t love the feelings before a date? The butterflies, the excitement, the fun of being with someone new … we love dates and if you’re looking to find someone new on the same wavelength why not give it a try? It really is as simple as logging on, inputting what you’re looking for and voila! The computer does the rest for you. No more awkward encounters, no more I’m-on-the-shelf-therefore-I-must-settle-for-this moments. Oh no. Dating online gives you the opportunity to meet people just like you.

Want to meet someone who likes reading and museums just as much you do? No problem. Looking for someone over 40? No problem! On the lookout for a casual arrangement? No problem! Whatever your motivation, online dating is well worth a look, regardless of what you’re seeking – there is someone for everyone.

The proof is always in the pudding, puddin’, and I know so many people in successful relationships which started online, developing into exactly what they both wanted. What’s more, they always seem so much more content and comfortable with one another than others who met out and about, positively glowing in each other’s company. They testify to the accuracy of online dating sites and are almost always advocating them to our single friends. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve met someone who they connect with on all levels, because they had the opportunity to filter their requirements and cut out the rubbish – no pretences, no chasing, no games.

Long gone are the days of awful dates with prolonged silences; no more are the fake phone calls from friends to save your ass. You won’t need a backup plan because what you want will be there right there in front of you. Stop kissing all those frogs honey, you don’t need to!

Dating can always seem like a daunting experience. Of course it is – you’re putting yourself out there to the world. Don’t be scared. To somebody, you are perfect, and your perfect somebody is out there too, you just need to take the leap online and find them. Just as you will input your likes and dislikes, so will they to ensure you’re a great match. What have you really got to lose? Nothing. Exactly. So it’s time to put your type down on paper and get your gorgeous self out there to meet that fabulous person who is waiting online, just for you.

Peace Out!

A.C.G. x

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