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    Why I Write About Everything ✒️

    I don’t want to live in a box. That may sound weird out of context, but I really don’t. I don’t want to be confined. I don’t want to be told I cannot get out; I cannot stretch myself to new limits, reach out into the unknown, touch and feel new things. I don’t want to be restricted; I don’t want to be told no or asked why I want to venture outside the zone that is the box. Despite my anxiety battle, I hope to achieve great things and one day feel enough strength and positivity inside that I burst out of the bloody box and attack life with…

  • Writer's Block
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    You Can’t Avoid Writer’s Block, But You Can Plan For It 🙅

    Tips to prepare for those moments of writer’s block when you’re lacking inspiration. It happens to me all the time – I have days, even weeks of continuous inspired thoughts and writing ideas; things happen around me naturally and provide me with wonderful content to saunter home and post about. I really relish those moments. Unfortunately, as has and will happen to every writer ever, the inspiration can run dry and it all becomes a bit of a desperate scramble when the writer’s block hits. This is quite normal, darling! In reality, some days are just plain boring and don’t inspire that blogging vibe. But it doesn’t have to be…