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The Importance of Good Stationery 🖤

REMEMBER: E for ENVELOPE – in Stationery. Best bit of advice I’ve ever received.

I’m a self-confessed procrastinator – mostly when it comes to my writing. That’s really the main reason I avoid using computers to draft – too many distractions in one place. So, often I have to escape with just a pen and a notebook in order to actually get something out of my head and down on paper.

But it can’t just be any old notebook – oh no! Who wants to write on that awful, cheap and scrappy off-colour paper that rips under the pressure of a pen nib? No one in their right mind that’s who! Give me a beautiful notepad and I just have to fill it with beautiful words and ideas.

Pens are equally as important: if my handwriting isn’t neat and legible, and I’m uncomfortable using the pen, I find my notes lack passion, enthusiasm and clarity – pride and perfection aye!

I use a variety of stationers to buy my writing gear, but my most favourite and the one I always manage to overspend in is Paperchase. It’s as if their design team pluck their ideas straight from heaven. I am never unimpressed with their products and they are always of such beautiful quality too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t overspend because their prices are high, they’re extremely reasonable – it’s just that I must get absolutely everything – necessary or not – but let’s be honest here- when is cute stationery NOT necessary?

Turtle Push Pins – Cute Cute Cute
They now have a loyalty scheme too where you can save cash after a certain number of visits and receive special birthday and seasonal discounts. Just present your card each time you visit.

My Top 5 Stationers:

  1. Paperchase – for classic stationery with a modern, elegant twist
  2.  – for funky and unique stationery/ personalised items
  3. Smiggle – fun products for children (and childish adults!)
  4. – more funky stationery for all ages
  5. (Good ol’) W H Smiths – classic, long-lasting and necessary stationery



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