The June Stationery Haul 📌

My entire life has been on stop whilst I’ve completed my final assignment ever for university. It’s done now though. Hurrah! Back to living and blogging like a normal person. To celebrate, I headed in to town to treat myself. Typical me, despite finishing study, I still headed straight for the Stationers – woo stationery!

I picked up a gorgeous Academic Diary for next year (working in a school this is super helpful for planning). It’s day per page layout is useful as I hate cramming in all my notes; equally it’s gorgeous to look at. I like to buy around this time in order to set out my goals and key dates for the year to view. It was also £10 reduced to £3 – and we’re not even past September yet!

The Works Academic Diary

I also grabbed this stunning A4 hardback sketchbook for all my cartoons and doodles. I’m currently working on creating my own children’s books, so something like this is perfect for creating A3 storyboards. £12 down to £3.

The Works A4 Hardback Sketchbook

I also found this cute Unicorn colouring book for mindfulness. Sometimes it is nice just to kick back and lose yourself among the colours. £5.99 reduced to £3.

The Works I <3 Unicorns Colouring Book

Finally, whilst I already have way too many colouring pens,  mooching through Poundland I couldn’t help but notice this bargain packet of Berol Broad felt-tips, an absolute steal at £2.00. New colouring book, new colouring pens. It’s the law.

Berol Papermate Broad Tipped Pens – Poundland

Moving forward, I’m looking forward to purchasing stationery for fun, and not just function.

A.C.G. x

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