The Love Island 2018 Reunion 📺

Wegan, Fani – they all turned up in style for the Love Island Reunion last night – 38 contestants overall in fact. I don’t remember 38? That seems a LOT of people. More surprising, they all turned up, including first villa mate Niall. Nevertheless there they all were. Ready to relive their Summers and dish the dirt on what is going on outside the villa.

First up to be interviewed by the Flack were our fourth place couple Wes and Megan – or Wegan as they’re affectionately known. After meeting each other’s families in their respective home towns, the couple who placed fourth sat on stage to go through the motions. For all the stick Megan gets, I think they’re truly in love. Something about the way Megan just changed when she met him, and stopped looking for someone else, bodes well with me. Not only are Wes’ family totally accepting of Megan’s past, his dad was sporting a Do Bits Society Tee when they arrived back at Stanstead – clearly these two have great support for their relationship at home despite public opinion.

The Flack couldn’t help but bring up the awkwardness brewing between the ‘extrovert’ Georgia and ‘introvert’ Megan. When Megan replied that they were just different Georgia snorted “Ok boo, no need to worry darling”, which didn’t leave her looking like the bigger, ‘loyal’ person, she just came across like a child – unsurprising she didn’t last until the end with that attitude.

Third place couple, Josh and Kaz were next up. For me these are the most boring, vanilla couple. Apparently they’re hot to be a surviving couple this year, but I just find them so dull! She almost seems TOO safe for Josh, part of me thinks he will need someone with a bit more firey, like Georgia to sustain him. Oh well, Casa Amore did its job and he ended up recoupling with Kaz and here they are on the sofa. I even found their interview to be boring really.

Zara and Adam, still clinging to the limelight, showed up with their matching tattoos – so tiny you can barely see them – a thinly veiled attempt to remain in the mags I’m sure.

Second place couple, Laura and Paul headed up to Scotland to meet her family: Paul looks surprisingly good in a kilt!!! Their body language seemed genuine; they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other which was nice to see. Let’s hope Laura can hold on to this one as he seems like a keeper. The Flack couldn’t help but bring up that ‘kiss’ between Jack and Georgia – once again Georgia piped up to say if that’s how she remembered it she would have told Laura the truth – hmmm, awkward!!!

Finally, after 2.5 millions votes for the final, the winners emerged victorious, Jack and Dani, Fani, Dack – I love them but can’t help but thinking they were going to win from the start. Not only do we already know Ms Dyer through her famous father; there was NO way Jack was going to start any big arguments with her knowing full-well who Mr Dyer is. Nevertheless, the country loves a trier and they won the dam thing. How can you not like them? They were the likeliest winners but also to me, the unlikeliest – she isn’t the prettiest, he isn’t the fittest, but God knows the British viewing public love a couple who work together and stick by each other to the end – something they managed with ease despite all the temptation.

On the sofa they seem like a couple who have always been together; they do seem really into each other and are taking the time to learn about each-others lives. I just don’t know if she will be enough for him – she is very sweet and cute but she lacks the wow factor someone like Megan has. They do seem to have so much fun together though, and they definitely make each other laugh which is a huge thing. – Dani compared Jack selling his pens to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street — hmm – as long as he does it for her!!!

My predictions: 

I think Wes and Megan will last, and if they don’t, it will be Wes who cheats – he’s only 20 for God’s sake!

I think Jack and Dani will try hard to stay together, but one wrong move on a night out and Jack could be in trouble. He’s into her when she’s around, but I’m just not sure if she is enough for him!

Laura and Paul are slightly older, so I think they will go much further together and the only troubles will stem from her insecurities.

Kaz and Josh – again, I think if anyone is to stray it will be him, but hopefully Kaz will keep him busy enough that his eye doesn’t wander.

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