Pound Shop Beauty Haul
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Unexpected Pound Shop Beauty Haul 💋🛍️


One of the many things I’ll miss most about the UK is the amount of pound shops. Normally I’d only use them for party bits and odds and ends, but when I popped in today I found some beauty buys cute enough to share; here is my unexpected Pound Shop Beauty Haul :

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Make Up Gallery 36 Piece False Nail Sets

The first item I picked up was a 36 piece false nail set by Make Up Gallery, Poundland’s beauty brand. I’ve actually used a set of these before so I can testify to the glues strength, but I’ve never seen them as a three pack of colours so I snapped up two – to match those moods or to just mix it up!

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Pearl Drops White Sparkle Whitening Formula

The second item I was impressed enough with to buy, was a tube of Pearl Drops 50ml White Sparkle Whitening Formula, which can cost from £2 to £7 in normal drug stores and supermarkets. Great for winning smiles and pearly gnashers!

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Make Up Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder

In the make up section I found some pressed powder, which I’ve currently run out of, again from their Make Up Gallery range. Admittedly I had to search for a moment to find one that I was happy with, but this powder does offer great coverage whilst feeling totally lightweight, so I’d actually recommend it!

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Tresemmé Colour Revitalise Conditioner

As I’ve just coloured my hair with a metallic dye, I’m trying to lock in the shade for as long as possible. This bottle of Tresemmé 235ml Colour Revitalise Colour Protection Conditioner should hopefully do just that!

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Pink Pop Up Storage Boxes

I’m running short on storage space for all my lovely products, and love these little pink storage boxes; they simply pop up and zip sealed. I’ve recently salvaged and repainted a little book case, and these fit perfectly in each slot, so I bought four.

Pound Shop Haul
Pink Storage Boxes

I also grabbed some super thick black hair bobbles which came in a pack of fifteen – thank God because my hair is ridiculously thick and I’m sick of having to keep replacing them at my nearest Primark. I also wandered into the stationery section. This is normally my biggest downfall, but I was strong today. Which was extremely hard given just how many C-U-T-E things they had on offer! I’m trying to be good at the moment though, so I only grabbed two tiny things. Nevertheless, they’re proper cute ya’ll! LOOK at these:

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Positivity Quote Pencils

The pencils came in a pack of six. Each with an amazing phrase on. I think they’re adorable for presents or just to pick you up each day. Love them!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I had to buy this big old pink fluffy pen filled with little plastic pink crystals, you know, for those Clueless moments!

Pound Shop Beauty Haul
Cute Fluffy Pen

Peace Out.

A.C.G. x


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