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After one delivery, I’m besotted with Wish!

So many people use or the App, I was shocked I hadn’t come across it sooner. Sceptical at first, the products were priced so cheaply I couldn’t resist trying it just once. I’m now a total addict who checks the App daily. Be warned!

Wish is a platform for China-based retailers wanting to get their items to the world market. The low prices are reflected in the length of delivery time (standard waiting time is two weeks) so if you want something ASAP, go to the shops or get on Amazon Prime. But if you can wait and you fancy a bargain, get to Wish now.

So, what did I buy from

Purchase 1: A Seven-Piece Unicorn Make-Up Brush Set
Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

I’ve seen these retailing for as much as £40.00 a set. I paid £1.00 with a £1.00 delivery charge.

Stunning, durable and soft – I’m so impressed with this brush set and it’s beautiful to look at.

Purchase 2: Silicone Adhesive Bra
Stick On Bra

I’ve seen these advertised all over Instagram, and the effects really did look good on others, so for £1.00 again with £1.00 delivery and nothing to lose, I couldn’t not try one. The verdict: they actually work! Available in a range of sizes and colours, the material is comfortable and the adhesive holds firm. A definite for this summer.

Purchase 3: Two-Piece Three Stripe Khaki Tracksuit
Khaki Tracksuit

Again, having seen these two-pieces all over social media, I REALLY wanted to try one for myself. They look so comfortable but also easy for heading out as it’s a matching suit, just throw on a t-shirt: winning!

I tend to wear my grey Nike Huaraches when I’m chilling out, hence the Khaki pick; but again this outfit was available in different colours and there are variations from different sellers too. I’m looking at the lounge set next. I paid £6.00 for the set and £1.00 delivery.

All sizes were as expected and fit well. In fact I’m so impressed that I’ve already placed my next order.

Better still, upon sign up Wish gave me discounted rates on my first order, and there are further incentives such as loyalty points when ordering and reviewing, and money off for referring others.

I can’t wait for my next delivery.

A.C.G. x


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