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You Can’t Avoid Writer’s Block, But You Can Plan For It 🙅

Tips to prepare for those moments of writer’s block when you’re lacking inspiration.

It happens to me all the time – I have days, even weeks of continuous inspired thoughts and writing ideas; things happen around me naturally and provide me with wonderful content to saunter home and post about. I really relish those moments. Unfortunately, as has and will happen to every writer ever, the inspiration can run dry and it all becomes a bit of a desperate scramble when the writer’s block hits. This is quite normal, darling! In reality, some days are just plain boring and don’t inspire that blogging vibe. But it doesn’t have to be the case, your stats needn’t suffer and your audience need never know you’ve dropped into a creative coma. I’ve created a basic practice to combat that specific issue and it’s certainly working for me:

List Any and All Potential Ideas

This may seem like a ‘yeh, dur’ kind of proposition to you, but my idea list is the biggest weapon in my creative arsenal at the moment. I’m slightly O.C. when it comes to organising my posts etc., and work on a spreadsheet with a list of my published posts, posts I’m writing for the future with schedule dates, and, most importantly, a list of any content ideas that have come into my mind, whether I believe them to be worthwhile at that point in time or not. Should I find myself struggling for a post, or, with a bit of spare time to write, I will sit down and develop that idea. Nine times out of ten if I’d gone with my gut in the first place I’d have achieved better results; thus, I’m learning to go with it and trust myself and the fact that I had the idea in the first place!

Look Through Your Camera Roll For Potential Content

Looking back through photos can be a great kick-starter to a new blog post. That piece of graffiti you liked and photographed on your walk through the park – develop on it! Whilst not everything in your camera roll will be worthy of a blog post, often there are lots of stories and memories waiting to be written surrounding your photographs.

Hit The Trends

Use the trending subjects on Twitter and Instagram as inspiration and respond. Can you relate? Do you have a story? Do you have an opinion? Write it down! Don’t be afraid to be topical and reactive when writing; it’s what makes you, you!

Carry That Notebook Everywhere

No, not just when you head out to find content. No, not just when you remember because you see it on the coffee table. You need to take your notebook with you everywhere. Inspiration can strike at the most inopportune moments; you’ll likely develop on it for a second in your head, become distracted, and lose it to that person who had written it down for when they got home! Make sure you write each and every light bulb moment down, even if it’s just a scribble or one word.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Why shouldn’t you post about your latest D.I.Y. project? We want to know about it! That book you read? We want to know your opinion. Other bloggers are just like you; just as you are interested in them, they are interested right back! They had to start somewhere, they had to put their first idea out there into the unknown, too. Believe in yourself and your ideas. You’ll soon find out what works and what doesn’t, but you won’t if you don’t at least try.

Look Out For Prompt Blogs on WordPress

Since the end of the Daily Prompt on WordPress, other bloggers have taken it upon themselves to create their own daily prompts. This is not only a great way to start off a blog post, but also a good way to build on your community. Others just like you are looking to showcase their work or get opinions on how they’re developing as a writer. Linking back to these blogs enables you access to their work and them to yours.

I’m always looking for ways to stay inspired; please feel free to share yours with me below.

Peace Out.

A.C.G. x

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    • Aimee Greene

      It can be so disheartening when everyone around you seems to be throwing ideas out left right and centre – got to have some back ups aye! Thanks for reading Abi 😘 x

  • Ariana Allen

    Writer’s block can be such a drag, I went through a bout in August. Keeping myself occupied with other activities like practicing portrait sketches helped me out of the rut. The worst thing you can do is dwell. This is super helpful.

    • Aimee Greene

      Sketches are a great idea to keep the creative juices flowing and to bring about new ideas – I’d never thought of that! Not that I’m much good mind you! But that seems like a productive way to bring new ideas into existence. Thank you! x

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